02. Objectives

The objectives of the BOCATS project are organized in two main activities:

  1. Continuation of the decadal monitoring with the 9th occupation of the A25 Greenland-Portugal hydrography/geochemistry section that started in 1997 providing for high quality observations in the subpolar gyre that will contribute to the early detection of the alteration of the carbon cycle, and will also allow the accurate estimation of the rate of CO2 storage, acidification and deoxygenation, and the investigation of their relation with the variability of the MOC.
  2. Evaluation of the variability of the subpolar gyre carbon cycle in its two components (natural and anthropogenic) including organic matter, sediments and other biogenic elements.

The following specific objectives are identified:
Objective 1: Circulation using a geostrophic inverse model in 2016
Objective 2: Diapycnal mixing in 2016
Objective 3: Winter convection and Spring restratification from Argo data
Objective 4: Water masses analysis in 2015/2016
Objective 5: CO2 system and natural and anthropogenic CO2 transport in 2016.
Objective 6: Acidification impacts at millennial time scale.
Objective 7: Bottom water-sediments interactions
Objective 8: Recent CaCO3 and Organic Carbon burial rates and acidification impact at centennial time scale.
Objective 9: Projected trends in acidification and CaCO3 saturation horizons
Objective 10: Synthesis: Changes in the Carbon budget in the Subpolar gyre (1997-2016)